Meaningful Conversations

I’ve been on FB for less than a year – that is I still have only a FB business page. This almost feels like a confession I shouldn’t be owning up to in 2015 and expect to maintain any credibility, but, on a positive note, I am working on it. Now, in addition to that FB page, I’m writing a blog and have the beginnings of a website.  All in the name of putting myself out there.

Out where? Is this like pitching and selling a reality tv show to the networks where you gamble that amongst the multitudes of tv watchers out there, it will appeal to someone? So I’ve educated myself as much as I can about writing a blog – be helpful; provide meaningful content; be engaging; share as much of yourself as you comfortably can – be yourself. Fair enough but I would be misleading you if I were to say that I am not riddled with feelings of self-consciousness. The little voice inside my head keeps asking ‘who cares’? I don’t know how the Kardashians do it!

For today I will take a lesson from that famous family mentioned above and cultivate one quality I admire to grow myself  and my entrepreneurial venture. I admire their ability to invent their own reality. They are famous for being famous and they have capitalized on a public that is intrigued by their brand of life.

In that spirit, I affirm that I too, will create my own brand of life that is meaningful to me with the confidence that it will appeal to the right people who will join me in my venture. Now that is a real leap of faith because I am starting from scratch (I need friends and followers)… but I am doing it with confidence!

Summer Color Splash
Summer Color Splash

5 thoughts on “Meaningful Conversations

  1. I applaud you for your bold determination to create an enchanted life. Thank you for becoming one of my Enchanted Journeyers. Your handbags are lovely and your outspoken honesty, refreshing. Wishing you the best, always.


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