The Business of Art, Craft and Making Bags


Is it possible to be equipped with too much information?

Entrepreneurs – the successful ones- are the those that took a leap of courage, got out there and just did it. If they failed, they did it again. And again, if that is what it required to succeed. It’s not hard to find an example – think Google, FB, Martha Stewart, Sara Blakely to name just a very few.

Education, such as an MBA in business for example, provides us with information. Included in that information are the statistics of ever actually succeeding as an entrepreneur.

I don’t have an MBA under my belt, but I do have a Bachelor of Science, a Law degree and a graduate degree. In addition to that, I have studied Fashion Design and Construction. I also have a diploma that states I am officially qualified to set up and run a small business (ironic). I don’t share this to demonstrate any level of intellectual superiority, rather, to open the door to discussing how my creative spirit has been educated out of me.

I have come to the realization that to develop my brand, Kitschy Chic, into a successful entrepreneurial venture I will need to suspend all the things I have learned in educational institutions. They have served me well but not so much in equipping me with the courage to market and sell myself: to believe that I can create something that can give me the freedom to live an authentic life. So, if you would care to join me, let’s just do it!

I will be blogging about (very important) tidbits, lessons learned, and musings about running a small business.

Thanks for visiting!

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