The Business of Art and Craft: On becoming a business


I am constantly advised by well-intentioned friends to start outsourcing my production. In theory, as long as I insist on producing the bags for Kitschy Chic myself, then I will remain an employee and never really be a business.  I understand the theory. In fact, the E-Myth, by Michael E. Gerber spells it out in detail. You can’t be the technician and run a successful business at the same time. However, I also know that one must know thyself and the meaning of success varies through the stages of the growing venture.

Investing in your business, like the stock market, is about timing and being invested in it for the long run.

Designing and construction are the passion from which my business was borne. The business of Kitschy Chic, for me, is not my primary source of income, hence, I approach my business decisions from that perspective. We have a long term plan. Four years ago, it was important for me to Trade Mark the name Kitschy Chic and secure the related domains.  Success was met last year when we secured the domain! That was a real victory.

For today, I choose to perfect my craft, indulge my passion, and market the absolutely best product I can personally design and construct. I think that is meaningful. Success at this stage is developing a niche of loyal customers whose faces glow with happiness when they receive a custom couture bag from Kitschy Chic. For today, my heart rules and I am quite pleased with the return on investment.

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I would love to hear about your start up story.

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