The Meaning of Time



I was going to write on another topic today but was delayed because we spent the day at the pet hospital getting emergency care for one of our Aussies who suddenly caught a reoccurrence of a brutal skin infection he suffered from last year. After a sleepless night and a day that revolved around a sick dog, it was obvious that my business contributions and designing time would be severely limited. And that got me thinking…

For me, I believe this is the vital difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, time belongs to me. And time is something I have a very peculiar relationship with: one I am learning to better balance. As I get older, I become acutely aware of just how precious it really is. When a venture is built from a place of passion, you make time for it because it is an extension of ourselves. Life feels forgiving. There is room to live. And there is still time to work on what needs to be accomplished after the other precious aspects of life have been taken care of.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I am also a professional and employed full time. So this business is very much a labor of love.  As an employee, irrespective of how well I perform my role; as much as I enjoy my job; and, have gratitude for the opportunity, it is still a job. I have infused as much creativity as I can into it but it is still just a job. No more, no less.

I have discovered that the value at the core of my being is about the freedom to use time in a way that is meaningful to me. Perhaps this is simply another tier on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (though not officially) that I have stumbled upon. Or, it could be about self actualization.  Maybe I have the luxury of understanding this hierarchical value given that the job pays a salary and my other needs have been satisfied. A start up venture definitely presents financial uncertainty. But I work around the clock. Even after an extremely demanding day job, I come home to Kitschy Chic. And that is the interesting thing. I am never too tired to devote time to Kitschy Chic. It is always inspiring. It is always magical. It always sets my soul dreaming of everything I can do!

I know that time is a valuable commodity and the ability to live in it and move through it freely has got to be, at least in part, the meaning of life.  I believe that entrepreneurship, irrespective of the magnitude of the venture is an opportunity to create our own contribution to a meaningful working life. And why shouldn’t ‘work’ fill our souls with passion and love? Surely Maslow would agree.

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