What’s In a Name?

Bright Bold Vegan Leather
Bright Bold Vegan Leather

‘A rose by another name would smell as sweet’. It may have worked for Shakespeare but this indie designer needed a brand!

We are often clear about the product or skill we are going to market when we decide to try and sell our craft wares. However, turning all that into a business, irrespective of how unique, well-made or gorgeous the product is, requires a whole different type of thinking.

It used to be as straight forward as a visit to the Small Business Centre at City Hall to run a name check. Today however, we need to run an internet search, domain registration search, an official business registration and Trade Mark search (I may have even missed a few things in this list). All this for just the name. And this name is the most important of all things that define our brand.

Kitschy Chic(TM) is intended to reflect a playful and happy quality. Whether the bag is bright and bold or sleek and chic on the outside, there is always room for a little kitsch on the inside, on a pocket, in a closure or some special place unique to the carrier. The name of our company is our brand and helps guide all our designs. Its namesake is a creative licence to design grown up products that remind us we always have the freedom to play.

In starting up Kitschy Chic(TM), securing the name, registering it, and then legally trade marking it were monumental first steps. They are also steps that have taken about four years to accomplish. And that is ok. Like the whitecaps that crest on the ocean’s surface and the tips of a mountain range, we can rest assured that we are building this indie business a top a solid foundation.

For a flavor of what we do, please visit us at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KitschyChicCouture

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