Does it matter?


Does it make a difference if as a designer I’ve been sewing for over 20 years, continuously perfect my craft and have trained professionally? Would it matter to you if I’d just received my first sewing machine as a random present this year, fell in love with the craft and decided to sell my novelty designs on my on-line store because I am part of a tech savvy generation? Pretend for now that you haven’t read any of my previous posts and allow me the mystery of being either one of these examples.

What really matters to the on-line consumer? Do the construction details that took years to develop and perfect make a difference. Do the hidden supports that distinguish a couture item from a hobby craft factor into the equation? Or does it? Perhaps the bold courage of a novice is worth supporting because that is the budding entrepreneur?

This is kind of like the professional journalist who has to compete in the world of bloggers 🙂 There is plenty of room for everyone!

All things considered, there is a market for everyone and the universe is generously abundant. All the right people that contribute to the growth and success of our individual ambitions, whatever they may be, will find their way to us! I wish I had the courage to put myself out there when I was 20 years younger. Today, I’d like to think I have developed the wisdom to pursue my dreams, and, the confidence and generosity of spirit to help contribute in a meaningful way to the success of others.

All this matters.

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