Finding My Groove

DSC_0392_cropSo, I’m back in Ottawa after a magical vacation in Florida filling my soul with the sound of waves, the sights of frolicking dolphins and the feel of the gentle warming rays of the March sunshine. It is still cold and gloomy here but I can see that spring is making a break through the very long winter.

I began this blog while I was away. It was an incredible accomplishment for me because as I’ve confessed before, I am still fumbling my way through social media. I have also found that I am really enjoying this experience although it is hard to say if anyone is really out there. I am believing you are! And I love reading everyone else’s posts. I missed this while we spent the two days traveling home. No, I don’t have an iPhone and couldn’t post on the run 🙂

I did have an opportunity to start gathering my thoughts. I thought that by seeing this process more clearly in my mind, I would allow the creative success mechanism within me an opportunity to help me improve what my effort alone could accomplish. In the meantime, the reality of returning to my day job has been kind of dampening my creativity. However, I did realize that wonderful day job allows me the freedom to pursue this incredible, burning desire to design and develop my own collection of signature bags without having to concern myself with the pressures of earning a living at this time. The pursuit of Kitschy Chic is purely a venture of passion and love. That is something I will need to remind myself of constantly as I tackle marketing my bags to some local stores. Through gratitude for the sustenance of my day job, I shall find the courage to advance my dream.

Please stop by and visit my on-line shop. Your feedback is tremendously valued!!

6 thoughts on “Finding My Groove

  1. Nelusha, I wish I had known you were in Florida. Where did you come to? I have met several of the THAT Team members and would have loved the chance to meet you if you were close.

    I LOVE your bags. You do beautiful work and I’m so glad to see that you are branching out to do more marketing because I truly believe there is a market for your bags.

    Love your blog. I’ll be following you!
    Patricia Peak
    My Life In Fabric


    1. We’ll be back next year in February. We were at Indian Arm and next year will be at Indian Pass (about 20 min past Port St. Joe. Are you in that area? If so, I would absolutely LOVE to connect. I wanted to post photos from the gorgeous beach house we rented but thought best to stay focused. It was so very inspiring. I was waiting for the vacation to concentrate on this. There never seems to be enough time in a regular day to do all the things that need doing 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. And thank you also for following me. I admire the work you do and your attention to staying active on-line. Something I truly aspire to!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post. I have encountered what you are experiencing now in pursuit to start my business. Continue to strive hard in all your endeavors and keep your ultimate goals in sight. If you ever need any assistance with marketing your bags which I love, please feel free to reach out. is a great site for women like you and I. Please feel free to check us out. Lydia


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