When Opportunity Knocks –


This is a post about a little something that happened today. It could have meant any number of things to me, given the pride I take in my work; however, I’ve chosen to consider it a gift: an opportunity, to prove to myself what I am really made of. Hence, while I wish I could write about an incredible contract for 1000s of Kitschy Chic bags that I’ve secured, which I know will come, this is not that post.

Today, my very best client had to ask me if I could fix one of the bags she had recently purchased from me as a gift for a good friend’s birthday. It seems that the rivet on one handle had disengaged after the first few days of the girlfriend’s vacation and apparently, she had to carry the ‘broken’ bag for the next week. Oh no!

Of course I can and will fix it – that is the least I can do, and, I am grateful she brought it back to me. I will also make her something extra special to make up for what happened.  I hope that makes for good customer service. I know it would for me.

And then the negative self talk… I’ve sold many bags and several to this particular client. I’ve made and  taken my bags on vacation with me. This has never happened before. I use industrial rivets and industrial machines to secure them to the handles. My work is meticulous and I take pride in every detail of every bag. How could this happen? Where did I screw up? Why this time? Why to her of all people? Will this client lose faith in me? How can I make it up to her – to her friend? What about my reputation? blah, blah, blah…

Normally, I would gave apologized more times than I can count and set out immediately to fashion my entire life around correcting this ‘disastrous’ blunder. Fast forward to the me whose self confidence and belief in my work are growing.

I apologized and happily took the bag to fix it back to the perfection I intended it to be for them from the start. I will get it back to them in a few days with a very special gift as a gesture of the same love and passion with which the bag was first made. Mistakes happen. I will not continue to berate myself for this. I have sold numerous bags and this is a first. Probably not the last. I know my response was genuinely caring and helpful – a true reflection of the passion I pursue this venture with. I know this client cared enough about supporting me to give me the opportunity to fix this. She also knew I would. I have cultivated that relationship. And today, for myself, I give the gifts of acceptance and forgiveness. And most of all, I accept the proof that I AM IN BUSINESS!!!

3 thoughts on “When Opportunity Knocks –

  1. Kitschychic, this is another great blog post. I believe that everything happens for a divine reason. The malfunction is not necessarily a bad thing. The steps you are taking to correct the issue makes for great customer service. I bought a Coach bag last year and the zipper never worked properly. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt, so I could not exchange or return the bag.
    Word of mouth is one of the best sources of marketing. It is safe to say that the conversation will definitely be praising your customer satisfaction skills. All is well, just know that you are making the right steps to rectify the situation. That customer will be with you forever!!!


  2. Great artistic and business philosophy, and customer service! Clients will surely appreciate it. Your well-made bags made with care and attention to detail will outlast lower quality, mass-produced ones. Not to mention being totally unique 🙂


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