Oh no, my shop’s been dwindling!

Let me know what you think.

So, this social medial hype has gotten me hooked. Especially Twitter! I love the ease of use and being able to engage with so many wonderful people with a few short words. As a lawyer, that is incredibly refreshing!

With that said, the reason I’ve decided to get on board is Kitschy Chic. I need to get my on-line shop out there! Isn’t that how it’s done? Funny thing happened. While I am off making all sorts of new ‘friends’ (though some of these interactions have a very short life span), my Etsy shop has dwindled from 4 pages to 1. Simply stated, that means I’ve lost over 40 product postings! They all expired while I was tweeting, blogging and even pinning. Unbelievable!

The moral of my story is this: Life has many distractions but it is up to us to decide where to focus our energy. Unless we are consciously aware of this small truth, the things that matter most may slip away unnoticed.

Off to tend to my Etsy shop 🙂


One thought on “Oh no, my shop’s been dwindling!

  1. Kitschychic, check out my past blog posts regarding hiring a VA with social media management experience. This will take some of the administrative work- load from you so that you can concentrate on growing your business. It would be a bonus if they have marketing experience as well.


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