Kitschy Chic Couture Bags
Kitschy Chic Couture Bags

Goals are something I’ve always known about intuitively. After all, it is how became a lawyer, finished a master’s degree while working full time, met and married the love of my life, and, found and purchased a house I am certain we dreamed into existence.  So, it is clear that goals have been essential towards all my achievements. But then why has it been so difficult for me to find my way and live my life as a successful entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is something I have always dabbled with. In fact, in University a Guidance Counsellor was amazed/amused when he saw the results of the professional inventory test I wrote in 2nd year of my undergraduate degree. Following 500 questions, it appeared that everyone of my responses came squarely under the entrepreneurial heading. He said in over 12 years of administering that test, he’d never seen results like this. At the time, I don’t think I really even knew what the word meant. And, my mother who insisted I take the test after telling her I had no interest in medical school, had no interest in explaining it to me. So, law it was.

My parents were well meaning. They wanted to ensure my future success. They’ve always maintained that my academic pursuits were of my own insistence. If that is true, then I would respond that it was what I did to win their approval. I am not sharing this to blame my family or their values. My mother has been a tremendous influence in my life. In fact, she made me believe that I was capable of being anything I set my mind to. She believed in me and that was all I needed.

However, my need for her approval meant her beliefs were mine. And that meant becoming a doctor. When I decided that was not in the cards and rebelliously announced as much, my mother – remarkably enough, accepted my pursuit of the only other profession I’d been brainwashed into believing existed. Remarkable because she didn’t fight me on it. And for the record, I’ve been fortunate to have found an area of law and role that suits my temperament so, on that front, all is good enough. But my soul burns to run my own show!

About the entrepreneurial thing – I think I understand that it was not amongst the beliefs held by my family of origin or the values they stood for. My current profession brings in a steady, solid pay cheque, has a pension, has benefits, has some status, and for the most part is deemed respectable. It is stable. I suppose this profession I’ve fallen into is the very opposite of running a start up – much less a business as a designer and artist of handbags!!! Now that I see this in print, I see the irony quite clearly.   I think my mother is still nervous about all of this. But I no longer seek or need her approval.

I live breath and dream of making Kitschy Chic a success. I believe that something that infuses me with this much passion will certainly manifest if I continue to act on it. Recently, I’ve learned that there are 2 key elements essential to manifesting our goals (and dreams). There is the action aspect of the goal and the emotional aspect of the goal. The emotional aspect is about how we feel about the goal we are striving towards. If we feel fear and insecurity then we need to work at making that into joy and hope. The action aspect is easily visible insofar that it can be measured. However, the emotional aspect is also easy to see in that it is reflected in what and how quickly we are manifesting as we move towards our goal. Our emotional response to the goal has to be positive and there are many ways to help us do that.

I am working on a 5 year plan which I will whittle down into smaller, achievable and measurable outcomes. The first is my official business plan. I saw the rudimentary one I drafted a year ago and was amazed at how much of it I’ve achieved already! Much of this plan includes managing my emotional response towards making this venture a legitimate, sustainable and successful venture.

Kitschy Chic creates couture quality hand designed bags. I know there are many gifted sewers out there; and, I know there are a lot of established handbag companies out there. My niche market aims to be a cut above the craftsperson, and, uniquely boutique-ish compared to the mass market designers.  I know I have a lot of work to do and I am feeling very excited about it all. I have seen novice fashion designers get out there and make a name for themselves; I’ve witnessed incredible women start up and run very successful businesses; and, I have to believe that I am on my way to being one of them. It was a question I asked before – why not me? This time, I can honestly say, I believe I am on my way to making it me!

If you have an entrepreneurial success story, I would love to hear about it. I am very inspired by others who have dared to try and succeeded! Thank you for reading. Keep on dreaming 🙂




2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Keep daydreaming and striving to reach your goals KitschyChic. You will succeed and be more successful than you ever could have imagined. Your drive and ambition will take you to the top!!!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I guess parents all want their children to have stability and security in life, thus pushing or encouraging ‘desired’ vocations. Sometimes perceived status and socio-cultural factors comes into play too. You obviously have the intelligence and grades to do anything! It’s great that you acted on your intuition and passion, and created something you enjoy and are proud of. I can imagine that Kitschy Chic is so much more to you than a business…it’s meticulous craftsmanship, creative expression, personal fulfillment and entrepreneurial inventory to name a few.

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