A Glimpse into Kitschy Chic’s Spring/Summer Collection!

I am so proud of these beautiful bags. Each bag teaches me something new! Even with over 30 years of sewing there is always something special to learn. These gorgeous totes possess undercover magic and outer beauty. More to show, this is just the prelude.


3 thoughts on “A Glimpse into Kitschy Chic’s Spring/Summer Collection!

  1. I’ve nominated you a blogger award, because your personal story and creations are definitely inspiring! You don’t have to respond to it, but just letting you know I admire your work. Keep them coming! 🙂


    1. Sil, I’m so touched that I don’t even know what to say. I’ve slowed down with the blogging because really for me, it wasn’t about the words but more to share my creations. As I started following the blogs of some incredibly talented writers, I felt that my words sounded so trivial. And I follow you, so I know how beautiful a blog can be. Thank you for this beautiful act of thoughtfulness! It means so much to me!!! Sincerely, nelusha


      1. Thank you Nelusha. I feel very similar…I’m more a feeler and doer than a talker or writer. But that doesn’t mean our words are trivial. The story of your profession and business and what that all means to you has profoundly resonated with me. Slowing down blogging is not a bad thing, there are so many other facets in our lives. But I do wish you well and look forward to your posts.


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