Designing For Our First Boutique(s)!


About a week ago, I mustered up the courage I’d feared I might have lost altogether, only to discover that serendipity was waiting there all along to lend a helping hand. I only had to step out and Just Do It!

After countless discussions about my target market and how to get myself out there with a product people would love, I realized I’d come full circle. There were no more excuses to be had about what was holding me back. I need to get out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and take the risks that need to be taken if I’m ever going to make this happen. I’ve researched the &#$@! out of designing, bag making, business ventures, entrepreneuring… and I’ve accumulated rooms full of bags: it is time to pound the pavement.

I finally mustered up the confidence to start reaching out to boutiques. I began with the first contact I had ever made that inspired me to start assembling an actual collection last year. I didn’t expect she would have any recollection of our past encounter- why would she? In the year that past, she won best new business of the year, and opened a second boutique.  Peering through the lens of my current context, I think she is remarkable! This young business owner owns and operates a couple of adorable boho chic boutiques that seem to always be booming. Ironically, her signature boutique style is Boho Chic; a fashion reference I believed I coined long ago to define my own style (or me, in general). She seems a perfect match. And, she has not entirely forgotten the first time we met. More serendipity.

I showed up with over 50 bags for her to view. She graciously looked at my bags and we had a terrific conversation about her story and my journey. Our encounter, now that I reflect upon it, was an entrepreneurial turning point for me. That wonderful meeting did not for a moment go the direction I had expected, nor in any way I would have anticipated. I did, however, discover that I am a better marketer than I ever gave myself credit for. I also learned the indispensible value of being present. And, most importantly, I understood what it means to go with the flow, not give up, and, be open to possibilities.

An amazing thing happened. I will be designing an exclusive collection of bags for the two boutiques to accessorize their fall clothing collection. This is a new venture for Kitschy Chic in that I am not pulling designs off the top of my head or creating one off custom orders. This opportunity to create a custom line will teach me many new things: I am adapting trends; creating something very new while honoring the defined space of the existing collections it has to occupy; growing a dream! The collaboration has breathed a new life into me! It is incredible how quickly inspiration can expand one’s creative universe when one is open to possibilities. This is the gift I feel I was given.

For the shop, they will also receive something invaluable from this collaboration. It will be the first signature collection they carry. This trendy little boutique also gets the bragging rights of having an independent designer bring its own vision to life.

In addition to this very exciting collaboration with my first boutique owner (and 2 stores) I also have 2 sales parties lined up for this summer. And to think that just a couple of short weeks ago, I was wondering where I would go from here. All it really took has been the effort to put one foot in front of the other, extend a little courage, and allow the gracious, bountiful universe to lend a serendipitous hand.

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