Visiting with other artists


Aren’t these the cutest, pinkest, totally sweetest twist on what a women’s brief case ought to be? I carry mine to work and always feel happy to see the unconventional prettiness around my arm (not to mention the fact that I created it!). Arm candy.

Today, I visited with other artisans at a local craft fair. Their generosity of spirit left me feeling elated. It is incredible how many talented, gifted people surround us. The lesson for me was to be present in the moment, enjoy their stories, and stay true and attuned to my own journey. It is all too easy to want to compare myself to whatever I see others are doing: to what I perceive their success to look like – and compare it to how I feel I am or am not progressing. I clearly came to understand that we are all on a journey. Sharing these experiences with one another (and strangers, no less) allows us to be vulnerable, open and transparent in a way that transcends ordinary conversation. Perhaps it is the passion an artist feels towards his/her craft and the desire to express that in words that I connected with. Whatever it is, these lovely, talented folks blessed me with a extraordinarily, happy day!

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