Burberry Inspiration


Admittedly, it was a bold undertaking. A designer knock-off (but let’s keep that between us) – inspired by a Burberry design I absolutely adore – for Kitschy Chic. It is magnificent! It is the picture I’ve been floating in my mind for years and finally manifested into the most beautiful shape ever (the beauty of this style is hard to capture with my amateur photography skills, so you’ll need to factor that into this snapshot I’ve included). I believe the hunt for the perfect bag has been won! Now we have a truly gorgeous base to work from: something stunning for every woman.

Why is it so amazing? There are so many reasons which you would understand instantly if you were to behold it, but here are the best ones: (a) The style of this shoulder bag is perfect for every body, it is just that kind of design perfection; (b) The drape is ideal – its lines are designed and constructed to drape perfectly: slouchy yet structured; (c) It offers infinite design potential and designer detailing:  whatever your taste, it can be customized to perfection for the discerning shopper; (d) size – with a base that is slightly more than 5″, this gorgeous bag can hold a lot of stuff. And, I can go on and on because I can’t remember a time when I’ve been more proud and joyful over something I’ve created.

Shortly, I will start officially designing with this pattern for my on-line Etsy shop. And that brings me to another story and the next chapter I will need to work out as I try to grow my business. …looking for the ideal platform for successful on-line selling.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this victory of having designed THE MOST PERFECT BAG! Check out my Facebook account for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/kitschychiccouture

Thanks for visiting with me! Let me know if I can design something special for you: it’s like manifesting the magic within our imaginations, and I love it!

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