S&M (Sales & Marketing, of course)


I’ve had to turn my mind to business as of late. All fun and no play can quickly bring a fledgling business to an end 😦  The time has come to concentrate on selling. Am I allowed to confess how much I dislike the idea? That’s probably why I’ve been reluctant thus far to actually do it 🙂

The issue I’m needing to resolve is where to devote my energy? Social media is a necessary evil, I know this much. In fact, I’ve come across too many companies focusing exclusively on that to dismiss the value it has to offer. That is well enough, but let’s face it, despite the fact I’ve tried (and keep trying), it is not resulting in my bags flying out the door.  I’m at a cross road. I’ve been dabbling with a variety of venues, including boutiques, an on-line shop and the occasional house party. The house party was a huge success but it could have been an anomaly. We have a few more scheduled for the fall so I’ll have a better perspective on that soon. Now, I’m thinking that it is time I participate in a craft fair/art show. So, why is it that something I’ve seen so many children participating in makes me so self-conscious? Overwhelmed, in fact.

It could be that it is something so new and will mean that I am right there with all my bags – in person, face to face with the public and a whole lot of competition. Yeah, that’s it… What is it about youth that fills them with an abundance of courage? Kids just seem to intuitively understand that these things are no big deal. Have you ever noticed the number of young sellers with outrageously successful Etsy shops? They are there – I’ve been admiring and envying their incredibleness. They are so talented and enterprising.

As for me, I think I’m going to try and organize myself to get out there and do some shows. In the very least, they’ll be a lot of fun (I hope) and it will give me the opportunity to make new contacts. I love meeting people. Perhaps I’ll get to pick the minds of those enterprising kids. It will be yet another adventure.  There is the one thing about all of this: the learning and growing never ends. Ironically, I thought all those years in university would have taught me everything I’d need to know to succeed in life. It turns out that the lessons my heart keeps drawing me towards are so much more rewarding. And the best part is that I get to choose my own learning plan, and the only feedback that truly matters is the one that reflects the amount of joy I get out of each undertaking. It is really no wonder that entrepreneurs are an especially happy breed!

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