Cross Body Bag with Leather Trim


There is a lot to say about this sweet little cross body bag. It has side pleats for volume which add a beautiful design detail and naturally tanned leather accents, including at the base.  What is most special is the fact that this leather has a true story.

As a devoted animal lover I have been torn over reconciling the indisputable beauty, look and feel of leather with knowing to whom it once belonged. In the world of fashion, leather has a place but I want my contribution to have meaning. And so, I’ve sought to source out materials with a special story. And this one is special.

This batch of tanned leather came from a family who had it in their possession for some time. Dad farmed a few cows and hunted the occasional deer for meat which fed the family of 11 children for a very long time. The hides were then sent to the local tannery where they were naturally tanned and returned for mom to construct moccasins and other leather goodies from. Their mom, who is now in her very late 80’s can no longer sew, and finally, decided to part with these lovely natural skins.  And luckily, they’ve found their way to me.

They are beautiful, thick yet flexible, clean skins. Most importantly, they are guilt free because there is an inherent beauty that comes from honouring the living breathing creature so completely. Not only did it contribute to the well being of so many people, but found its way to me where it is now part my story – manifesting a passion for beautiful art.

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