Cross Body Messenger Bag with a Feminine Twist


It is specially feminine because of the architecture that was designed into the messenger bag to create its drape. Every detail of this large cross body messenger is designed to be an eye catching, durable designer piece. Yet at the same time, there is a timeless and simple perfection within that retains its place for what it is meant to be.

As a new designer, I am always striving to balance my own sense of beauty and style with what women want. More importantly, given that I relate to design as calling rather than a vocation, I feel drawn to create simple things are meaningful. I’ve found my creative voice lost in a mass produced world, which leaves me wondering how to compete.  Let’s get real though, designing a bag should not leave me confronting an existential crisis; however, what do women want in a bag? Details; pockets; lux; options; durability; color; neutrality; flexibility? The options are endless but at our core, we are looking for products – whatever they are, that speak to us.

So, I invite you to speak to me. If you take a look at the homepage of this blog, – you will see a showcase of some of my creations. Now, tell me what I could design for you that would make your eyes pop when you saw your bag for the first time? I’ll collect your ideas and create with you in mind.

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