A Complete Vacation Package – O Joy!




What is a vacation without a sewing machine – even in a seaside home?

It has been a year since I began this site and have never been really sure what I am doing…  During this last month, I made a concerted effort to revisit this on-line space and see what I am missing.  If I could not get it sorted out, I had decided I would have to pay someone to get a respectable website for Kitschy Chic™.  I am not sure whether WordPress suddenly became idiotproof or what really happened, but, something has changed dramatically and it seems so much easier to post! I like sharing pictures about the thing I most love doing so after fiddling with a bunch of themes, it seems that we’ve been on the right theme all along. However, we need to tweak a few things and get committed.  Like any solid relationship, that makes sense.

We’ve been on a very peaceful vacation for the last several weeks and my sewing machine has been an added joy. This is no reflection on my husband – he is a magical soul to whom I am blessed to be married. But back to the machine – it seems I can’t leave home without it (or one from my portable collection 🙂 ).  Mark knows this to be a fundamental part of who I am so he always leaves plenty of space for me to pack my happiness on our travels.  I wanted this time to be about play so I didn’t come with an agenda or plan about all the things that needed to get done for my shop (other than to revisit my on-line presence). And then along the way something wonderful happened.  I’ve once again connected with sewing for the pure love of making by dreaming up things I can want to design for myself without any guilt over wasted time.



This is what the vacation home’s dining room table looks like 🙂

I’ve even successfully sewn myself a leather tote on the domestic machine and I not only love it but am suitably impressed. I’ll post on that later.

In the meantime, happy Friday and thank you for visiting with me.



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