Small Obsessions


I wonder, am I supposed to wait until I have buyers before making up more products or does the joy of making become the purpose in and of itself? It’s the chicken and egg thing, I guess.

As an entrepreneur I understand what makes business sense but the whole purpose of this venture has always been to provide a ‘no rules zone’ for me – a space and thing over which I don’t have to conform to any rules. Having a day job alleviates the pressure of assessing everything I do on behalf of Kitschy Chic™ in terms of revenue, so that is a definite bonus. However, blindly pursuing a passion without adhering to my business benchmarks and constantly assessing whether it makes any sense to keep going, change direction or stop could be a recipe for disappointment. Or maybe not?

I’ve been reflecting on what society values. In particular, why are some activities deemed productive while others are considered a waste of time? It really is not all that important what a social order dictates, but what confounds me is the belief system I’ve adopted that weds me to that order.

When joy is the purpose that guides us, I have to believe that we become aligned with a benevolent force that puts all things in the order that brings more joy. It sounds like a lot of blind faith, and for a lawyer such abstract thinking could be disconcerting; however, for someone who knows the power of the wonderful feeling that comes when I am making, I have to also know that there has to be a greater Truth. Why not keep my eyes turned in towards my heart and allow my spirit to guide me? And if that means I have a whole lot of really adorable bags, I think they will also make for wonderful presents or donations one day.

In the meantime, I have to believe that purposeful activity has to include those things that bring more joy to life. Whatever that looks like is something unique to each of us. For me, it means more than working for a pay cheque. It also means freedom from rules. And most importantly, it means the freedom to play. And when I am lucky enough to find an intersection where play becomes a way of sustaining us, then anything is possible!

Thanks for reading! Nelusha




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