The Art of Indie Designing


The creative process of being an Indie Designer is this (at least to me): (1) Master the craft; (2) Be aware of trends but exercise the freedom to rise beyond them; (3) Resist temptation to create only what appeals to you; (4) Appreciate your clients and find a way to embody their vision in a practical way into your designs; (5) Be true to yourself (this is the most important part).

Essentially, find a way to marry what you do with why you do it and who you do it for.


And, all the while, remember we are Indie Designers which should give us some creative liberties. Otherwise, we’d have gone the mainstream.


With each new creation and every design, we arrive a little closer to that connection within us that lets us know we are doing what we do best. Then with a little confidence and a lot of hard work, along comes a genuine work of art.

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