Couture Mommy Bag (aka Diaper Bag)


I was designing a special gift for a new mommy to be.  What an exciting time! It was a no brainer that I had to be part of her joy – how could I resist offering to make something just for her.  The baby to be is a precious girl; however, she isn’t the one going to be sporting the bag or toting the goods.  So, I asked mom-to-be what her favourite color is? Selfishly, I was looking for an excuse to play with my most favorite shades of pink. “Grey”, she responds. But it’s a baby G-I-R-L, which point I could not emphasize enough. …sigh

Then again, it seems she presented me with the perfect opportunity to push my creative boundaries.



I began the concept by designing around her preference. I wanted her to have a versatile and fashion forward bag that looked very couture yet functionally baby – oriented at the same time. I quickly realized that sometimes, fashion and practical don’t always meet on common ground. But then again, isn’t that all part of the joy in creating designs from the depths of one’s imagination? I loved the challenge and was determined not to compromise.



I created an abundance of pockets on both the exterior and the interior. The exterior pockets are made of a fancy vegan leather and have a very ‘couture’ feel to them. Yet, they are very functional and baby friendly as you can see by the hidden pink Velcro attachments. And then, the star feature is of course a stunning black leather belt strap with a really cool buckle. This allows the bag to be carried as a cross body messenger (yes, the strap is that long)  or, will shorten right up to a 8″ hobo style. It’s really quite amazing what leather working has taught me! I should mention that the strap alone took an hour to design (but it was worth every second of it).





There are subtle hints on the exterior that this is a baby bag, but first and foremost it is all about mommy. When she opens it up, there is that pop of joy which is Kitschy Chic’s hallmark. The interior is constructed with a bright pink, fun, water resistant fabric with an abundance of pockets. In fact, even the baby should fit into it nicely, nestled among some diapers  🙂


I am loving the opportunity to design special custom bags for special clients. I have come to feel that I much prefer this to producing large quantities of bags to supply shows and other events. That said, it helps to have creative, appreciative customers who understand the degree of skill and effort that goes into breathing life into the vision.  So for now, I’m making my little part of the world a happier, more colorful place, one Kitschy Chic bag at a time.

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Happily yours,









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