When is a Hobby an Obsession?

I run a business. I am the business. My mind is filled with dreams, ideas and hopes – always. To bring those visions to life, I collect materials I can create with. It rarely seems to matter whether my evolving collection will be used immediately, tomorrow or the next day. I just know all just fits in together in a rainbow of joy.

These pictures are of my leather collection. I have even more by way of bolts of fabrics. And, of course, there are the collections of the stabilizers, notions and sewing machines. It takes up a lot of room and I would like a storefront/studio to design out of but that will come later.

The question about when a hobby becomes an obsession was prompted by the fact that sometimes it all feels a little overwhelming. I wonder if there will ever be enough time to do all the things I am dreaming of doing?


In fairness to my stash, I use it all and have every intention of working my way through every last bit of it. Clearly not all at once, and conceivably I may have more than I may get through myself (despite my best intentions), but I hope to have others creating with me. It is all part of a bigger vision. Is that where it starts for everyone who ends up with more stuff than they know what to do with? Am I delusional believing that dreams come true?



Over the years, I have proven myself to be someone whose interests evolve and intensify but don’t leave one behind in favour of something entirely new and different. That’s not to say I haven’t picked up numerous new interests along the way, rather, that each new one complements the one before it in one small way or another. …and if it doesn’t it still remains interesting for those occasions when there is time to play (the oil pastels, example).

Leather and sewing are examples of an obsessive interest I have harboured and honed over this lifetime. I have to believe that the profoundness of this interest and the pure joy it gives me comes from the depths of Spirit guiding me towards a calling I cannot ignore. Interestingly, notions such as success and failure don’t even factor into this journey – it doesn’t seem to matter. I am simply honouring and moving towards a feeling. And even if all this means it comes one small step at a time, then I believe I am walking my way into a life as a full time designer/artist.

Nelusha designing for Kitschy Chic Couture Bags




4 thoughts on “When is a Hobby an Obsession?

  1. We are kindred spirits! 😀If you’re delusional then that means I’m well past that stage….Lol. Stay focused cause dreams do come true and passion never dies!


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