Leather Bag Workshop


Recently I was invited to teach a leather bag making workshop at a local leather shop. There aren’t words adequate enough to describe the joy I behold for this adventure! What is most incredible is that I had decided while on vacation that I wanted to start teaching artists and sewers how to design and create beautiful bags they’d be proud to carry. It is amazing how quickly the desire manifested!

The really neat thing about this project is that it can be made on a domestic sewing machine with the appropriate adjustments and tools. The fanciest requirements are a walking foot and the leather!

So, here is a look at the development of the sample bag I will be using in class. It is a simple leather tote which easily lends itself to many more advanced skills. …next class.

The soft blush pink is really pretty. I am especially proud of the handmade handles. On this bag, the ends are exposed because there are only so many layers a domestic machine can sew through; however, the top stitching and facing application leave a very professional look.

8 thoughts on “Leather Bag Workshop

  1. A big congratulations! So very exciting 😀
    Wish I could attend! Also more people will come to know your design and production process and the personality behind the brand. The bag is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! I, too, was blown away when I saw the final bag. The soft blush was breathtaking as a hide even before construction but I had no idea what it would ultimately feel like! Love leatherworking 🙂

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