Inside Peak into the Cross Body Messenger Bag


Have you ever noticed that even when you think that you have mastered a skill and unwittingly surrender to the passion of the experience (the doing), you find room to become even better (grow)? That was what designing and constructing this messenger felt like.

This was not the first time this particular design has sold. In fact, it’s been quite popular – the fabric is really stunning. I have referred to it as very ‘chanelesque’. So, I’ve become quite skilled at constructing it. However, this time it felt different. It could have been because it came by way of an on-line order. To me, that meant a special customer has decided to take a chance on an unseen product and a yet unknown designer. On the receiving end, I have to admit that takes the pressure to a whole new level. It is of course supremely exciting to get the order; however, the attention quickly shifts to ensuring the customer is a happy (ecstatic) one. It is remarkable how quickly that becomes the singular focus.

I’m not sure about all the rave for on-line consumerism, but for an indie-designer, it means I’d better be on my A-game. I also see it as an opportunity to be at my creative best. All the special details, couture construction and added features become a wonderland world of possibilities as I play with how to make this the most special bag I’ve ever designed and created.


In this case, I am most proud of the adjustable buckle strap. It really takes this bag to a new level.  Leatherworking and the confidence I have gained to incorporate it into my designs has been the best creative step I have ever taken. Have I mentioned that I simply ADORE working with leather? There are so many aspects to it, that has got to be the very best art form I’ve ever encountered. Simply stated, it feels like grown-up play.


And there you have it. The chanel-esque couture messenger by Kitschy Chic™.


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