Genuine Leather Cross-body Bag / Clutch

I’d like to showcase the individual bags that will be finding their way into my shop. Your thoughts are not only welcome but also appreciated!

This little number does double duty as an adorable clutch. Its strap is removable. These is an inside pocket. And of course, the little bag features a funky printed lining to remind you just how cool it is to be a woman!

2 thoughts on “Genuine Leather Cross-body Bag / Clutch

  1. This bag looks fab!

    Do you make bags any smaller than this? I’m looking for a similar style but narrower (so it’d be portrait orientation) and just big enough for a phone, small purse and keys…

    Keep up the great work, always enjoyable to see what you’re creating!

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    1. Hi Jas – Yes, I can absolutely do that. This is actually a smaller version than the standard size. What measurements are you looking at and in which color? And most of all, thank you! Nelusha


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