A Little Magic


Last week I received a very special gift. Some fabulous professionally shot photographs. Wow! I look forward to showing them all off! …as soon as September is under control.

While I wait to show off all of Jeff’s lovely pictures, the least I can do is credit this talented young photographer and his terrific model/wife. Here is the link to his site: http://www.jeffwinsorphoto.com/

In the meantime, we are moving into the second week of my leather bag making class at Zelikovitz Leathers. What a joy it has been! For someone who is very weary of public speaking, this has felt like one of the most natural things I’ve ever done.  10 hours of class time is flying by.  The students are great; the bags are turning out beautifully; and, best of all, the experience is amazing.

And finally, here are some of my less than professional grade photos of a really cool, super large tote with gusset, pockets and expandable strap.




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