Just Doin’ It

Entrepreneuring has taught me a little (lot) something about letting go. It has meant learning to become confident swimming in an ocean of uncertainty… and in so many more ways than I can begin to recount. Being an entrepreneur means that you can’t avoid putting yourself out there even when you would like more time, or more perfection, or more ideas, or more work to make it just so, or… well, just about more of anything not to have to do it right just this moment. Sometimes the moment requires that you just do it.artcase6

Recently I launched a collection of genuine leather smartphone cases. They are really well made and fit most every phone on the market. I did a lot of research to get it that way. They are intentionally simple because they are intended to serve one purpose at a reasonable cost. Should have been simple enough…

Customers, being the helpful, creative types they are, loved the design; however, wanted to know if they could be used as wallets, and if so, where were the pockets? Hmmmph. My frustration may make more sense with a little background. Last year, I presented a number of various cases with plenty of zippers and pockets and the resounding question was this: ‘can it hold my ‘whatever’ brand of smartphone’. I couldn’t truthfully answer because I had not turned my mind to the question. This is exactly what I hoped to be responding to with the latest design offering. So the point of this recollection is that they managed to somehow bring me full circle.  Is the customer really always right? Maybe, but as well-meaning as their suggestions might be, entrepreneurial lesson: do not let anyone else determine the course of your business.  Now, let’s leave that musing for another post.

Being an entrepreneur means rising to the occasion, which is exactly what I did. Here you have my rising 🙂 Keeping in mind that it is possible that people always have varying expectations and you cannot please everyone, I decided to give my wonderful customers what they’ve asked for while being true to my Kitschy Chic™ sense of play. These adorable little works of art are the glorious epitome of why I create: they are imperfectly perfect and a funny joy to behold. Too cute for words!

I struggled with selling them because of their irreverent appearance, so I decided to include them as a special gift. Happy shopping! If you are looking for a distinctively, unique gift, please check out my Etsy shop or like me on Facebook. Thank you!







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