The Indie Crafted Leather Goods Shop

We are so thrilled to finally go live! I’m not sure how hosting companies get off advertising a 3 or 4 week free trial as an incentive for trying out an on-line store. It takes at least that long to set up – and trust me, by then you’ll pay whatever it takes to keep the work you’ve toiled over! The great news is that Kitschy Chic® is finally a stand alone shop. We are also on Etsy and take advantage of other face to face venues to get ourselves out there but there is something – like coming of age – about finally embracing the opportunity to do your own thing.

Please visit and share the word about the new shop in town carrying an indie line of colorful, easy wearing, quality leather bags with artistic flare- irresistibly priced. Come get your happy on with Kitschy Chic® 🙂


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