The JOY of Creating Art!


Wonders never cease! What is it about creativity that just keeps expanding? I’ve learned to dye leather and it- the process and the result- is absolutely remarkable! This may seem like a really lame post; however, it’s inspiring. It is inspiring because there are so many incredible, magical things to learn out there, it’s amazing that we have this short life-time within which to do it all!

I started out designing textile bags until I was confident with having mastered leather working. Leather is a phenomenal medium to handle and work with. (As an animal lover, I have had my moments, but we all have our purpose and the beloved creature whose hide I behold is receiving many blessings for the joy it is giving me 🙂 ) Moving right along, leather is available in so many grades, colors, textures, cuts and variations, you don’t ever really need to learn or do anything more than cut and assemble. Fair enough.

Recently during my vacation, I happened upon a wonderful purchase. I scored 50 lbs of leather remnants! I would have easily purchased more if we had the room to bring it back in the car. As it was, my husband was having a panic attack over the enormous box. We managed – tight but right.

Among the score were several white cowhide pieces. These are a wonderful quality – all high end, upholstery grade – but white. Seriously, other than for a couple of obscenely short months, when is anyone going to be interested in purchasing a white anything? So, this is where I became creative.

It seemed time to learn more. I researched how to dye leather but I couldn’t honestly imagine doing it myself. Well, I could do it – that wasn’t the issue really. I had some serious reservations about a finished piece that would be useful. Notwithstanding my concerns, I decided to give it a go.  I could not be more delighted with the result. The leather is magnificent! So far, I’ve just tried out this gorgeous red and a royal blue. I plan to also make orange, green and pink.

Now, my artsy customers not only get to have one of a kind leather bags but they also getting uniquely hand-dyed creations by Kitschy Chic!



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