Bespoke Bags – Distinctively You


A Bespoke Bag is unique statement about your fashion sensibility.  It begins with a feeling about what you need and concludes with a bag that is everything you ever wanted it to be! In Kitschy Chic terms, it is I-conic. So, why let trends, shops and magazines dictate what you carry when you can have your very own one of a kind, designed by you, bespoke bag?

Kitschy Chic Vegan and Leather Bags


I am an Indie Designer and handbag aficionado. Through Kitschy Chic™, I design bespoke leather and fabric bags, with the finest attention to detail from the very first sketch to the final stitch. We also offer custom creations to select clientele who work closely with me in bringing to life their inspirations.

We are a proudly Canadian, small boutique service stocked with an abundant supply of textiles and leathers ranging the spectrum of a colourful imagination. Kitschy Chic™ offers a signature collection of designs to which each client is free to add their personal touch. Customized interiors and space saving pockets are are our specialty.

If you are interested in a Kitschy Chic™ bespoke ready made bag or one modified to meet your unique handbag dreams, connect with me through the CONTACT page and let’s get started now!




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