About Kitschy Chic Artisan Bags


I am proud to finally and confidently be able to identify myself a leather worker and designer! If it helps to know, then I will start by sharing that I do not take representations lightly – especially in the context of an on-line world, where my word is all you know of me.  This business for which I am so passionate about, would not exist but for the integrity with which it is grown.


I have a day job. I am an employment and labour lawyer with a master’s degree in my field of expertise. This information is shared to convey the fact that I have always believed credentials were essential to earn credibility. On this journey, I am more recently learning that I barely have a clue about who I really am. More importantly, when we are open to allowing our hearts to lead us to our true talents, we gain access to the most valuable experience of all: JOY


I have designed and created for a very long time. For your purposes, that is intended to simply convey to you that my skills are highly honed and I am capable of delivering what I say I will. Again, another helpful on-line attribute.

Kitschy Chic™ is a registered business which began the evolution of a dream – one that is still in its embryonic stages but growing steadily. While goals are essential to a successful business and we have spent much time contemplating what they could look like and planning for them, we are not in a rush to get anywhere specific because this journey is one that matters. I am Nelusha, the dreamer and designer.

Welcome to my dream job! Contact me and let me take you into the vivid world of Kitschy Chic™ Bespoke bags!


3 thoughts on “About Kitschy Chic Artisan Bags

  1. Believe in YourSelf! Have Faith in Your Abilities! Without a Humble but Reasonable Confidence in Your Own Powers You cannot be Successful or Happy!!! Norman Vincent Peale

    You will be successful…. You Are an Entrepreneur!!!

    A bird sitting on a tree is Never Afraid of the branch breaking because Her Trust is Not on the branch but on its Own Wings!!! Always Believe in Yourself!!! Author Unknown

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